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31Minutes is a monthly, half-hour (and one minute!) podcast co-hosted by H·A ThirtyOne Principal and Creative Director Karyn Adams and Content Strategist Karen Black, featuring guests of all ilks. The Kary/ens identify and explore one “best idea” topic each month to help inspire higher ed marketers, communicators, and leaders from across departments.

Aug 30, 2019

Colleges and universities aren’t typically known for being nimble or change-embracing, but intense and rapid changes in technology, demographics, and culture are demanding that higher ed innovate and evolve faster and with greater vision than ever before. In this two-part series, experts from consulting firm Credo introduce us to their new book “Pivot: A Vision for the New University,” and discuss working with campus leaders to achieve and exceed challenging goals while fostering rapid change. In this episode, Pivot co-author Joanne Soliday shares solid examples of success, and talks about “disrupters-in-chief” and how to turn the concept of consensus on its head.